Terms & Conditions


1.1. Bath Parade Guides will always provide professionally qualified Blue Badge Guides registered with the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

 1.2. All foreign language guides provided will hold a current Institute of Tourist Guiding (or equivalent) endorsement.


2.1. Confirmation of a booking will be sent to the named contact within 48 hours, quoting a BPG reference number.

2.2. A final confirmation and invoice form will be sent to the named contact within 4-6 weeks of the tour date, or sooner if the tour date is less than 4-6 weeks away.

2.3. The form should be checked by the named contact and any errors or omissions notified immediately to Bath Parade Guides, who will issue a revised final confirmation and invoice form.

2.4. The final confirmation and invoice form will include the name/s of the guide/s, and their contact number/s.

2.5. The guide/s name/s, and contact number/s must be given to the tour leader/manager for use on the day of the tour if necessary (see SECTION 6).


3.1. In the interests of safety, and for the general enjoyment of the group, the maximum number of people per guide is restricted to 25.

3.2. Student/children groups must be accompanied by at least one appointed tutor/adult tour escort.

3.3. The appointed tutor/adult tour escort must support the guide in ensuring the safety of the group and also be responsible for the behaviour of the group during the duration of the tour.


4.1. All guided coach tours are undertaken using the clients coach.

4.2. All coaches must be equipped with a fully operational microphone and PA system.

4.3. The microphone must be easily accessible to the guide.

4.4. Failure to provide a fully operational microphone and PA system may result in the guide having to cancel the tour. In these circumstances cancellation charges will apply (see SECTION 5).


5.1. Cancellation of a booking must be confirmed by e-mail, or in writing, by the named contact or their appointed representative.

5.2. Cancellation charges apply as follows –

– More than 14 days notice prior to tour date  – no charge

– 5-13 days notice prior to the tour date – 50% of total tour fee

–  5 days or less notice, prior to the tour date  – 100% of total tour fee

5.3. In the event that a cancellation is made after payment has been received, Bath Parade Guides will refund any monies due based on the scale of charges shown above.

5.4. If the cancellation is due to exceptional circumstances, Bath Parade Guides may agree to waive the cancellation fee.


6.1. If the group is delayed for any reason the tour leader/manager must contact the guide/s direct at the earliest opportunity to agree any changes to the tour arrangements. 

6.2. Changes to the tour arrangements are at the discretion of the guide/s and will depend on their availability to adjust timings.


7.1. Guides will present themselves at the agreed meeting point 10 minutes prior to the start of the tour and will remain at the meeting point for one hour after the start time. If the group fails to arrive within this timescale, and has not made contact with the guide, the guide will assume that the tour has been cancelled. The client will be liable for 100% cancellation charge.


8.1. Payment terms will be shown on the final confirmation and invoice form.

8.2. Payment should be made by Bankers Order, unless agreed otherwise with Bath Parade Guides.

8.3. Full payment of the fee must be received 14 working days prior to the date of the tour, unless agreed otherwise with Bath Parade Guides.

8.4. Payment by cheque – cheques must be in GB£s and drawn on a British based bank. Cheques should be made payable to “Bath Parade Guides” and sent to the Accounts address shown on the final confirmation and invoice form, to be received at least 21days prior to the date of the tour.

8.5. All bank charges must be met by the client.

8.6. In the event that payment is not received by the due date, Bath Parade Guides reserves the right to cancel the tour and claim any cancellation charges that may apply.

8.7. Bath Parade Guides can only accept payment in cash, or by cheque, on the day of the tour in exceptional circumstances, and only with prior agreement. Payment must be made to the guide prior to the start of the tour. Cheques should be made payable to “Bath Parade Guides”. The guide will issue a receipt to the tour leader. Failure to make the payment may result in the Guide cancelling the tour.


9.1. Bath Parade Guides welcomes feedback on the services it provides. Comments should be sent to the Bookings Manger at info@bathparadeguides.co.uk