Bath Parade Guides has been providing professional guides in Bath and other locations in the West of England, for forty years.  Every Guide has the nationally recognised Blue Badge qualification and is a registered member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

All of our guides receive regular training that includes disability awareness training.

Planning your visit. Our booking managers will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice before you visit.

You choose the meeting point. Many groups are met at the Riverside Coach ‘Drop-off & Pick-up’ point or the City Centre ‘Drop-off & Pick-up’ location. Others are met at the train station or at a hotel. You can be met anywhere within central Bath at an out of town location, if you wish.

You choose the transport. Tours can be taken in your own coach, car or private hire taxi. We also lead walking tours with careful regard to the terrain. It is possible to do a mix of both coach and walk.


  • We will ensure that all routes are wheelchair negotiable.
  • We will choose routes with official road crossing points, as far as is possible.
  • We will go at the speed of the slowest person.
  • If wished, we can start at the highest point of the tour and walk downhill or on the level only.
  • Guides will advise on accessible toilets and restaurants.


  • Guides will speak clearly at all times and make sure they are facing clients to facilitate lip-reading.
  • Written basic information can be provided if requested well in advance.


  • Extra care will be taken with regard to road safety.
  • There will be an extended description of what is being “seen”.
  • We will provide extra opportunity for feeling/touching/hearing, where appropriate.

Assistance dogs are welcome and water can be provided upon request.

Car Parking and Arrival

If you are arriving by car, you can find details of parking locations on Visit Bath’s official website

Taxis can be found at the Railway station and by Bath Abbey.

If you have any queries about Accessibility or need to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us

This access statement aims to accurately describe the services that we offer all our visitors. It does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with disabilities.